Getting Started

After installing Duplicate AI you can start using it right away.


You'll access a ticket's duplicates and similar issues from two locations:

  1. The bottom panel (always available)

  2. A sidebar notification (pops up only if a duplicate is found)


Once you open the app using these touchpoints, you'll see four sections: Duplicates, Similar Tickets, Preview and Merge Actions.

  • Duplicates. Tickets where the app is very sure that these are duplicates and you want to do something about them. Read more

  • Similar Tickets. These tickets are not duplicates but the content looks similar. They could be interesting. Read more

  • Preview. Once you select a duplicate or similar ticket, you can easily compare it to your open ticket with the shown preview.

  • Merge Actions. To clean up tickets you may want to merge them. This means applying multiple actions such as copying the description, the comments, request participants, transitioning status, etc. Read more

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