Merging means to take two tickets and streamline all of the important information into one of them (description, comments, reporters, participants, ..), while closing the other one (e.g. transition the status to closed).
In Duplicate AI you merge two tickets following these steps:
    Step 0: Finding a Duplicate or Similar Issue
    Step 1: Configure what shall be done (Configure the Merge Actions)
    Step 2: Merge the Tickets (Execution)

Step 1 - Configure the Merge Actions

Configure the Merge as follows:
    Use the "Merge Button" after selecting a Duplicate / Similar Issue
    Merge direction: The content is copied from your open ticket (left) to your selected ticket (right). This can be reversed.
    Fields: Select the fields you want to copy or move from the left ticket to the right ticket
    Status Transitions
    Link both issues
    Mark Duplicates as Handled
      Sidebar notifications for this dupicate are removed
      The ticket is displayed as muted in the "Suggested Duplicates" list

Step 2 - Execute

When done configuring, press "Preview" and you'll receive a summary of how the two tickets will be modified.
Press "Merge Tickets" and all merge actions will be executed. You can follow along the progress as the grey actions (still todo) turn blue (in progress) and finally green (done). In case of errors the boxes turn red and an error message is displayed.
Last modified 5mo ago