Merge Presets / One-Click Merging

Setting up all merge actions every time you want to merge tickets takes time and allows to make mistakes.

Therefore you can save your merge action configurations as Merge Presets. This allows to set up your most common scenarios in one project and how you prefer merge them, e.g.

  • Merge email threads (description to comment, copy comments, move request participants, close, ..)

  • Merge duplicate bugs (link as duplicates, cancel)

  • Merge incidents from Opsgenie (..)

.. and later later apply them with one click.

Creating Merge Presets

Creating Merge Presets is done directly within the Merge dialog.

Steps to create a Merge Preset

  • Set up your merge actions

  • Choose "Save as Preset" from the bottom menu ("..."-button)

  • Enter a name and useful description.

    • The description helps other teammembers to quickly understand what will happen when they use this preset.

  • Save


  • Scope - Each preset is only valid for the project it was created in.

  • Public - Presets are view- & reusable by other teammembers

  • Permissions - Anyone can create Merge Presets

Merging with Merge Presets

After you have created your first Merge Preset an additional menu will pop up when hovering the merge button.


  • Hover the merge button

  • Select the merge preset you'd like to apply (a preview dialog will appear)

  • Confirm that you want to apply the merge

Managing Merge Presets


Managing Merge Presets is restricted to project administrators to ensure that editing is done in a coordinated way.

The easiest way to manage existing Merge Presets is through a shortcut in the merge menu (only visible for project administrators).

You'll also find the managing screen for Merge Presets through the the Project Settings.

Editing Merge Presets

It's possible to edit and delete existing Merge Presets.

Restriction on Status Transition

It is not possible to amend the status transitions, since these are highly dependent on the context in which the preset was created:

  • workflow

  • issue type

  • issue status

Since this dialog is "out of context" (it could be any workflow, issue type, ..) all of the possible combinations within one project different all possible transitions amount to a large list.

It is highly likely that the user will not be able to find the correct transition from a large list ( all transitions for all workkflows for all issue types for all statuses ) and therefore restricted for now.

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